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About Us
Background Information about the Founder Society
Shri Shivaji Education Society, Amravati, the second largest Education Society in the State of Maharashtra was founded in 1932 by Shikshan Maharshi and Krushi Ratna, Late Dr. Panjabrao alias Bhausaheb Deshmukh, the First Union Minister of Agriculture. The Society has created a thick educational network in entire Vidarbha, for it has been managing under its control, eudcational institutions of varied nature, and that too at all levels. With a view, to making this educational network known to all, we have proud privilege to state that this Education Society has been running educational institutes from pre-primary level to the level of higher education i.e. up to senior colleges.
This Education Society, has been running pre-primary Schools, Ashram Schools, Secondary Schools and Junior colleges inclusive of vocational studies, relating to different vocational subjects. At higher level, it has been managing senior colleges in the academic fields of Arts, Commerce, Science, Law, Education, Physical Education, Rural Studies, Medicine, Engineering, Architecture, Agriculture, Bio-technology and Horticulture.
The total educational network of this education society, as such comprises of total 271 educational institutes of varied academic nature. The annual budgetary outlay of this society is showing a rising curve every year. The statistics of Shri Shivaji Education Society, Amravati in respect of budgetary outlay, students strength and staff composition (both academic and ministerial) reveals that the proposed budgetary outlay is of Rs. 117,67,72,365/- and the staff strength inclusive of academic and minsterial man-power figures to 6000/- on 31.3.2007. Where as students strength which was 1,13,016/- during the year, 2007-08 is likely to cross this figure considerably in the academic year 2008-09.
Considering the worthly constribution of Late Dr. Panjabrao alias Bhausaheb Deshmukh in the field of agriculture in general and in agricultural education, its research and extension in particular, this Education Society has started :
Shri Shivaji College of Horticulture
in 2003-04 on non-grant basis under the auspicious academic control of Dr. Panjabrao Deshmukh Krishi Vidyapeeth, Akola. Earlier, in 1957, this Education Society has started Shri. Shivaji Agriculture College, Amravati, which is financially aided by Government of Maharashtra. In this aided agriculture college, facilities are being created for providing instructional programme, leading of B. Sc. (Agri.) degreee programme, that too under the academic control of Dr. Panjabrao Deshmukh Krishi Vidyapeeth, Akola. Besides this, in 1984, Post-graduate Since, this information is meant for apprising of all concerned in respect of Shri Shivaji College of Horticulture, Amravati the emphasis has been given in it, in limelighting all those aspects relating to academic profile, infrastructural facilities and all those educational endeavours about the college.
Location of the city
Amravati is a city of historical heritage. It is known as Cotton City of India and Educational Capital of Vidarbha. It is 10 kms towards north from Badnera Railway Station, which is on Central Railway route. Similarly, it is on Mumbai-Kolkata National Highway No. 6.
Establishment of Shri Shivaji College of Horticulture, Amravati.
Shri Shivaji Education Society, Amravati has started, on non-grant basis, Shri Shivaji College of Horticulture, Amravati in 2003-04 under the academic control of Dr. Panjabrao Deshmukh Krishi Vidapeeth, Akola, on account of its affiliation to this University.
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